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Machinery Dealers & Manufacturers National to the Public Wholesale Auctions!!

Livestream Real Auctioneer in Real Time to Maximise Your Sell Value! have just added a premium Live Streaming Auction Platform! Maximise Your Sell Value Now!

How Does It Work?

  • Participating Dealerships must be genuine Machinery Dealers or Agricultural Manufacturers to be involved.
  • Dealers can offer Machinery for sale each week.
  • Each Machine must be booked into our systems at least 16 days prior to the closing Auction Day.
  • Dealers can also promote the Machine in their normal advertising and highlight the Machine with unique Auction ID number.
  • Items booked into this Auction “Can be Sold Prior to”, however if the Machine has been listed the Dealer must notify immediately and the Fees & Charges will still apply.
  • Equipment Manufacturers:
    “Demonstration Stock Only!” Offered in this Sale.
  • On completion of your Auction all Bidder Buyer Enquiry will be e-mailed to your Sales Representative for Follow up and Prospecting.
  • will be providing the Auction Service only. For this Service and your Company Representatives will follow up all Sales, Invoice out to the Customer and Collect all Funds.
  • will simply provide the Web platform and the Auctioneer. If you require any further services additional Charges will apply.

Important Dates To Note

  • Merry Christmas                                 Happy & Prosperous     New Year  to all of our valued Clients We will be recomencing our Weekly Live-Stream National Auctions in 2021.
  • Booking Deadlines
  • Booking by Friday 8th January 2021. For Sale Thursday 28th January first Sale for the Year.
  • Booking Friday 15th January. For Sale Day  Thursday 4th February.
  • Booking Friday 22nd January . For Sale Day Thursday 11th February.
  • Booking Friday 22nd January.  For Sale Day Thursday 18th February.
  • Booking 29th January.For Sale Day Thursday 25th February.

Dealers Note : The “ No Dealer Commission “ is available only to Dealers who have either used the System or committed Stock prior to end of June 2021. If you have not used the System by 30th June 2021 your Company will be placed on casual Rate and be charged agreed commission on Stock Sales . Sold the First Tractor in Australia in an On-Line Auction. It belonged to Peter Thomas Case Dealer Warren NSW.

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Costs Associated

Auction Services

$770.00 per Machine.
over $50,000 inc
  • Includes:
  • Website Listing
  • Live Auctioneer
  • Inclusion in National E-Mail Brochure x2 to Major Farmers across Australia

Auction Services

$350.00 per Machine.
under $50,000 inc
  • Includes:
  • Website Listing
  • Live Auctioneer
  • Inclusion in National E-Mail Brochure x2 to Major Farmers across Australia

There is No Commission Charged for this Service and we don’t charge a Buyers Premium.

Selling No Trade, Cash Buyers, Getting Hot Prospects in Real Time Across the Nation.


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